A Brief History

This is the post excerpt.


Five year’s ago my husband and I decided to start a family. When the day came that I discovered I was pregnant I was so overcome with happiness but also fear. I was told I would have to have a surgery to ensure I didn’t miscarry. So at 12 weeks I had what is called a TAC (transabdominal cerclage), and went for bi-weekly ultrasounds until delivery. But with every Dr visit and every heartbeat I fell more in love with this little being growing inside which made me even more determined to be as careful and healthy as possible thru out the 9 months.

When she was born I was over come with emotion and love; which also made me fiercely protective of her. I never wanted to put her down, just held her and stared at her for hour’s, slept with her in my arms, took her everywhere with me – I didn’t want to miss a thing ! Being a mom made me flash back to all the things my mother did for me growing up and also made me realize just how much she loved me! I just hope and pray my little girl realizes this one day too…


Fast forward 4 years later…

After trying for over a year to conceive we were blessed with the best news on Valentine’s Day… we were going to have another baby!!! Like every pregnancy, there are ups and downs. I still had the TAC in place so that wasnt an issue… but I was having BP issues for most of the pregnancy… constantly checking my BP 2-3 times a day, I felt like my arm was going fall off… but thank god it never came to that and in the fall we gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy!

Returning to work was harder this time emotionally because he was the best baby… always happy always smiling… not to mention I missed taking 2 naps a day 😊. But during my maternity leave I was also able to spend time with just my kiddo’s… thanks to winter break. For 2 weeks it was just us… playing, napping, cooking… and going back to work meant I wouldn’t have the time to do all those things. Working 8 hrs a day, plus 1 hr in the car driving… thats 9 hrs I lost with my little ones. And the cost…. daycare for the 2 of them is costing over 20k, so basically I am working to have someone else spend this quality time with them 😟.


I decided it is time to take back that time. I don’t want to miss his first word or first step, I don’t want to miss the first time she reads a sentence or does a cartwheel. So what could I do? I need to work, as much as I love my children, I need that adult stimulation of solving problems and working numbers. Then I thought about baby products…

If you have or ever had a baby… you have a diaper bag. And that bag can only hold so much… but if you are going to travel not everything will fit in that bag or one bag for that matter.

So this is where my journey begins…

One thought on “A Brief History

  1. The situation you describe — that one might end up working a job so that one can pay for someone else to take care of and spend time with one’s children — is heart-breaking. I look forward to reading more about your new adventures/challenges starting your own business so that you can continue to spend more time with your beloved children.

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