Where to Begin

So with the support of my loving husband, two of my wonderful sister-in-laws, and a friend… I have started to look into different suppliers and manufacturers of baby products. I’ve decided to start with baby bags.

If you have ever traveled with a baby you know you need several things:

[ ]Diapers
[ ]Wipes
[ ]Butt cream
[ ]Lotion
[ ]Bibs and burp clothes
[ ]A few changes of clothes
[ ]Blanket
[ ]1 or 2 toys
[ ]Bottles
[ ]Pump
[ ]Milk cooler bag
[ ]Baby soap and towel
[ ]Nursing cover

Just to name a few… now unless you have a Mary Poppins bag, those items will very seldom fit in 1 bag. And with the ever growing restrictions on airlines and carry-on bags, its hard to keep all these items within reach when you need them.

Just a side story, when my daughter was younger we took a flight to visit family. On the flight there we took all our bags as carry-ons, but in the way back, to make it easier to carry her and her bag, I checked mine. When we got home, and went to pick up my bag from baggage claim, the front pocket snap looked like a dog used my bag as a chew toy. Of course the airline is not responsible for damage just lost luggage… so I vowed to never check bags unless absolutely necessary!

Moving on … I wanted to find a bag that would be accommodating to any mom or dad traveling with a baby or little one(s). Something that could hold everything you need or might need in one spot, because you never know when you might need something!

At home everything is in reach in the nursery… so lets be honest… if you are traveling with a baby under 12 months… u could at any given time need that nursery! My diaper bag is great… perfect for a short trip to the store or grandma’s house, but it is in no way adequate for a several day or week trip.

So my search begins… hopefully I can find something affordable that I can share with other mom’s like me…


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