2018 Entrepreneurship

Back when I was in high school I wanted to own a business. I lived in a town where there was nothing for kids and teens to do except go to a movie in an old out of date theater where the chairs were a chiropractic nightmare, or bowling but that was often taken up by league’s so it was really hard to find a good time to play. I wanted to create a business where I would be able to provide something for kids to keep them active and off the streets. However business management classes in college were not like the ones I took in high school and my education plans changed… as did my desire to own a business.

Fast forward 20 years I am once again looking into entrepreneurship. Not for kids in town but for mom’s and for their new little ones or even older ones… and most importantly my little ones.

I discussed options with my sisters and friend; then brought the idea to my husband because his support was the most important, without it I knew I would have trouble keeping the confidence to succeed. Having his knowledge of accounting and logistics along with my sisters and friends imput, I now feel fully ready to take this huge step towards this new chapter.

Between us 4 girls, we are all moms, we have all struggled with the daily routines of work and family, moving from one place to another, packing bags and making sure our kids have everything they need… just to turn around and realize we forgot something for our self… we decided together that my focus should be on mom’s and babies for this business.

…Yes I know there are baby products everywhere, even stores dedicated to babies… but when I went looking for a new diaper bag I was so defeated. I did find a nice big one but I dont have $100 to spend on a bag! So alas I use a small one I did with my first baby… still in search for that large affordable travel diaper bag…

So I have a plan… what about a name? I looked to my children… and the little names we call them. Butter bean, baby bear… then I thought of alby and habibi. Both are arabic, most people dont listen to arabic music but there are some artists out there that make the words they sing sound like poetry and they are so beautiful.

Alby is arabic for my heart, habibi is arabic for my love. My children are my heart, my love, my world… what better name for a business for my family than the same words that describe my family. I want to provide items to other families that allow them to focus on their needs and wants for the love of their little ones. Put their minds at ease when packing a bag, or nursing, or just holding their baby keeping him or her warm.

Now I have a name and a plan… time to find the products… this is going to take time, because I want to find the best and still make it affordable, because while a $100 bag is nice, wouldn’t it be nicer to have a similar bag for 1/2 or even 1/3 the cost? My answer is yes!


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