Now that I have settled on my diaper bags, I want to start into products for moms and babies. I have been doing a lot of searching and comparing with manufacturers over the last few weeks and am so thrilled to say I signed a contract with a manufacturer for teethers for babies.

Being a mommy of a 4 month old who just starting teething, this is the perfect time to test and obtain these items! I am starting with these adorable koala teethers! They are FDA approved, BPA free and 100% silicone.

They come in 10 different colors and are absolutely perfect for your little one that is obsessed with shoving his or her; hand or bib or toy in their mouth as their little teeth are coming in.

I had the little cold ones you put in the freezer for my other little one several years ago. I personally didn’t care for them, they were often to cold or would unfreeze so fast that they couldn’t do what they were meant to. My good friend got me a rubber silicone (not sure of the material) elephant that was amazing and I wish I could find more like it but have had no luck.

These teethers have a suggested retail of $12.99. I have seen them on other sites posted like etsy and ebay between $4.99-$19.99, but I decided that I am going to sell them at an even $5.00. It’s a low cost for everyone… I’m not in this to get rich, just provide for my family and families like mine.

I will also be getting elephants and turtles in the future… but starting with the koalas for now 😊.


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