Backpack Diaper Bag

Well my first bag just arrived from the manufacturer, and I must say I am very happy with the final product!

I’ve seen bags like this all over the place and I know they are very popular so I thought I would give them a try. I ordered them with the manufacturers label instead of mine, to enable them to be shipped faster and cheaper. However, I don’t like the label, it’s grammatically incorrect, like just words thrown together and they make no sense, so I removed it. For a quarter of the cost for a personal logo label to be applied by the manufacturer, I ordered from a local shop iron-on labels which should be available within a week. So I’m very excited about that!

So the bag is just as the product order pictures show. These are the pictures provided from the manufacturer:

After looking over the bag I see no flaws in the examples above or the final product.

It’s light weight and more convenient than an ordinary backpack, larger capacity, and more suitable for taking baby out. Opening is Dr Bag style with reinforced steel frame.

Exterior includes front pouch with 3 insulated bottle pockets, back quick access zipper – also allowing this bag to function as a pump bag, and 2 side pockets for quick access to tissues, pacifiers or even bottled water for mommy.

Interior includes quick clip for your keys, 4 elastic pockets, and 1 zipper pocket.

100% polyester material
Dimensions are 27×21×42 cm (10.5×5×16.5 in)
Weight before adding any baby items is roughly .63kg (1.4 lbs)

Changing pad and stroller straps included! The colors I chose were a navy blue and a light green, almost like a sea foam green.

The suggested retail on these is $49.99, and I have seen them for sale ranging from $34.99-$85.99. I’ve decided $35.00 even is a good price, and also compatable with other retailers around.




A friend bought one of the bags and provideded me with pictures of what she was able to pack it with. She said her favorite features were the way the top stays open with the reinforced steele frame and the fact you can access items at the bottom thru the back zip pocket without having to pull everything out the top…


5 thoughts on “Backpack Diaper Bag

    1. I honestly haven’t thought about shipping internationally. I’d have to look into costs and see how affordable it would be. Payment wise I would probably have to do something like western union or PayPal… and then I would send an invoice like a receipt and a tracking number once shipped… but I think it would be do-able!

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    2. So got things figured out… I can ship internationally… the cost is around $18 usd… but I could split it and charge $9 to the customer and I would pay the remaining… tracking # would be included 😊

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