Working out the kinks…

So to get this business up and running I created a to-do list. Very much like my household to do list… juggling a full time job, a 4 year old and a baby, a house to maintain, and now this business I feel my mind is going to pop sometimes… and I can’t afford therapy!

So here we go…

  1. Create a name, slogan, purpose…✔
  2. Look into manufacturers and find products relevant to the business…✔
  3. Order products or make if financially & creatively capable ✔ – work in progress…
  4. Research web designers or create own ✔ – work in progress…
  5. Set up payment and shipping accts/options… including a P.O. Box
  6. Business cards, social media ✔, merchandise tags and labels ✔
  7. Purchase shipping bags or boxes… or use USPS priority boxes 🤔
  8. Get tax-id and create a separate holding acct for tax time…
  9. Invoice creator???, inventory tracker

I feel like I am forgetting something???


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