Baby Food

There is something deeply yet strangely satisfying when it comes to feeding my baby. Its something of an accomplishment for myself because hes eating food I prepared without any verbal disputes to texture or taste but also a proud momma moment when he reaches a milestone! Just as I did with my daughter… I intend on making my own food for him as well. It is healthier ~ no added sugar or preservatives ~ and I know hes getting the same nutritional value in his diet as the rest of the family! Plus another added bonus… it gives me peace of mind, or almost a guarantee that he wont be a picky eater as he grows up and will eat all the same foods as he grows and not have different taste buds!

I always wondered what was in baby food you buy at the store, so when I was pregnant with my little girl I decided to do some research. Here is the nutritional info on a popular brand of sweet potatoes:

And here is the nutritional info on a small raw sweet potato:

So the information looks the same, or pretty close, right? Look at it this way… there are two tubs in a package of brand that you buy from the store the package caught $0.98. So each tub has these quantities inside of it. One small sweet potato also cost $0.98, so if you look at it price-wise you’re getting more for your value buying the store brand. However if you’re looking at it from the nutritional value and the quantity of carbs and sugars and vitamins that you’re giving your baby one small sweet potato can be blended into two and a half sometimes up to three small tubs.

I recently purchased 3 small sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped them up, boiled them until soft and blended them into a smooth puree. Those 3 potatoes cost me just under $3.00 and made 10 tubs – so a week in a half of food! Like I said it is deeply satisfying knowing my baby is eating healthy and I am saving a bit of money in the process…

I love to experiment with different foods and flavors too. Always looking for new ideas and combinations to try… my daughters favorite when she was little was squash, chicken and carrot; and to this day eats it up faster than anyone at dinner time with just a bit of rice and a big glass of milk.

There are a few foods I will buy off the shelf. Not because I don’t know how to make them, but because it is easier when on the go…

  1. Baby oatmeal. Because its in an easy carry/travel container and very convenient to mix with other puree’s like banana and apple to give them more texture
  2. Puff cereal snacks. Perfect for a day at the park or zoo for a little one to snack on between meals
  3. Applesauce. This is the one food I can’t get down! Its either too chunky or too liquidy, so buying is just easier!

If you have any self made foods you’ve tried I’d love to hear about them!!!


2 thoughts on “Baby Food

  1. Your children are lucky/blessed to have a mother who fixes them food from scratch! I love eating sweet potatoes for breakfast before I go lead Music Together classes for children aged 0-4 years old + their caretakers (mothers, fathers, nannies, grandparents, etc.) I am going to start observing the different kids of bags which caretakers lug to class with them more closely after reading one of your previous posts…

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! I know we all make poor food choices as we grow older. But if I can start them on a good/healthy path, then hopefully it will help them in the long run!


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