Birthdays… continued…

I didn’t think I would continue this post but this today I watched Harry Potter with my daughter. I love Harry Potter: the storyline, the plot, it shows how to have true friendships, how to differentiate between good people and bad people. Its magical and fun… and never gets old, and it shows that you can be something more than a product of what you are raised to be…

In the beginning of the movie when Dudley has his birthday he has all these presents piled in the house and he is so ungrateful for everything that he has and then come Harry’s birthday he gets a smashed cake and the first thing he says is thank you.

I’d like to think that I’m raising my child to be polite and to be grateful for the things that she has but I’ve also noticed that there are times when she is very spoiled and she lets it known that she is spoiled because she has so many things. She doesn’t understand what it’s like not to be able to have a meal in front of you for dinner or the ability to just walk up to the wall and pick out a movie from your Disney collection.

All parents want what’s best for their children and they want to provide for their children the things that they could not have as children themselves, but when is enough enough?

I’m so proud of my little girl because for her birthday she told me all she wanted was an alarm clock so that she wouldn’t be late for school and a whistle ( for my own sanity, she did not get the whistle). She didn’t ask for toys or ask for more movies or ask for mommy and daddy to spend money on things that she didn’t really really need, but rather something practical!

But we’ve also started to, I hate to use the word threaten, but we’ve started to tell her that if she’s not good in school or she’s not good with her baby brother or she doesn’t listen or she misbehaves that she’ll start losing the things that she has and that she needs to be grateful for what she does have. She needs to share, have patience and she needs to understand that as easily as you can receive things you can also lose them or have them taken away. Nothing lasts forever, and you need to thank god, allah, yahweh, krishna… whomever you chose to worship for everything you are given and blessed with, everyday!

It made me think what would Dudley have done if one day his parents grew a backbone and said enough and gave everything to charity šŸ¤”. My daughter is 5 now, and knows what charity is. She knows we give money to help the poor and sick and less fortunate. She knows we take clothes we dont wear anymore and donate them.

She sees and hears, kids screaming and crying in the stores when their parents wont let them have something, and says; mommy hes bad! But is it the kids that are bad or the parents that let them get that way? Too many gifts, not enough gratefulness? Too much of the money can buy happiness mentality?

I asked my daughter today what is the one thing that truely makes people happy, and she said family šŸ˜™! When I asked I asked why not money she said because money doesnt last forever, but family does…

I think I’m on the right path…


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