I want to know…

I want to know… what were the top 5 things you could not have lived without after the birth of your child?

Trying to figure out what my next item to look for to keep in inventory, I recently had a conversation with a friend about the things we loved having after the birth of our children. Every birth is different… every country, every culture… and every child whether boy or girl is different but it was interesting how we both said different things.

With my daughter… being my first child I thought I would need all kinds of things that you read about in the maternity magazines. Of course I didn’t get all those things, but there were many things I did get and I used them… and still use them with my son.

Now I know everything is a luxury. Most items are not needed, but they are a blessing to have!

With baby #1:

1) Boppy

I can’t begin to say how many things I used this for. It was so helpful in nursing both of my kiddos. But it also helped with tummy time, sitting up, playtime… as my daughter got bigger she used it at nap time… and I still use it for my son!

2) Wipe Warmer

So having a warm wipe on your bum is probably the least of your worries or necessities but it was wonderful… especially in the winter time. My mother also got a small travel compact one that was great when we took little trips. We would heat it in the car and then plug it and bring it where ever we went. It can also be used as a small towel warmer!

3) Bassinet

Luckily my kids were small enough to fit in one of these for the first 6 months. This was so convenient because I not only used it at bed time and naps, but I would also wheel it into the kitchen while I cooked, so my little ones could sleep, play, look around… and I knew they were safe and close by!

4) Baby Bullet

As I said in previous post, I make my kids food as much as possible. Having this baby bullet is so wonderful and yes I could’ve easily used a blender or food processor but the blender pieces allow for just the right amount of food to be made an stored in the food jars. Plus on the jars is a little dial that lets me remind myself what day I made the food so I can use the oldest first…

5) Cloth Diapers

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not very eco friendly. But with my daughter I wanted to save as much money as possible, since we were on a strict budget, with all the other new expenses… so I fell in love with cloth diapers! They were so convenient, and not like the rags and clips my mother used… they were cute, comfy, gave the extra padding on the bum for little falls… plus I remember reading somewhere that cloth diapers resemble underwear and aid in the potty training process. I don’t know if thats completely true, but my daughter was pretty much potty trained and diaper free shortly after her 2nd birthday…

With baby #2:

1) Nose Frieda

Ok so this one actually grosses me out, and I am not good at it, so my hubby does it most of the time… my son had a lot of congestion and runny nose issues (thank you winter). The little bulb nose sucker wasn’t doing it when it came time to clear him out in the middle of the night. So a co-worker recommended this great product. I won’t go into the details but it’s an amazing product, and I would recommend it to anyone!!!

2) Nursing Cover

So I actually used nursing covers with both kiddos, but I have to say I used them more this second time around. I have one like the picture above, but I also have several like the product posted in my 3-in-1 nursing cover post. I don’t nurse in public, but use them for nursing if someone is over visiting as well covering up while I am pumping at home and work.

3) Ring Sling Carrier

I did not have a carrier system for my daughter but with my son I needed to have one. I dont know if I am weaker or he is heavier but my back and arms hurt so much just carrying him in a car seat, so I bought this sling. And it surprisingly is very comfortable and relieves a lot of the pressure I feel when I have to carry him for long periods of time.

4) Travel Diaperbag

I had a Petunia Pickle Bottom Weekender bag that I used with my daughter when we traveled, and still have it… but this bag is so much more versatile and the weight is more even when walking. If anyone has ever traveled internationally before sometimes you have to run or walk really really fast to get from one terminal to another… Walking for 5 minutes with a kid on 1 hip and a 25 lb bag on your shoulder is not the easiest or most comfortable of tasks to accomplish. But this bag evens out that weight or depending on if you have another rolling carry on (like we do) it can slip right over the handle and leave you with just worrying about your little ones in tow… I love it… used it once so far and plan on using it for many years to come!

5) Baby Vicks

Did you know you shouldn’t use adult Vicks vapor rub on babies? I didn’t! So I found the baby version and this has been a life saver on all those sick stuffy nose nights. I rub it on my little ones feet and chest and he sleeps peacefully enough for me to get the rest I need to function properly and take care of him when he wakes up. I really wish I would’ve known about this when my daughter was a baby!!!

Sooo…. please share with me… what were your top 5?


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