Amazon, here I come…

I finally did it… I am on Amazon!! Best Eid gift ever!!! I applied and was approved!!!!

So for those that don’t know the process, you have to apply and be approved by Amazon to sell at a certain level. The application is pretty easy and doesn’t take more than like 10 minutes. But the review time for your application they say is 48-72 hours…

So I was going to try to do this all on Etsy, but not everyone shops Etsy… and I felt I needed to reach a larger audience…

I will still keep Etsy for my personal home made baby blankets and lotion bars… they are amazing and I highly recommend them!!!

I always end up using too much or too little lotion out of the pump and squeeze bottle lotions on my kids… so I started making lavender scented lotion bars, and gotta say… they are great… so why not share them with others!?… but now all thats left is to upload my products to Amazon! Will post again when complete ๐Ÿ˜Š.


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