Officially Summer

June 21st was the first official day if summer. Strangely enough I didn’t know because everyone was talking about it, or because it says it in big bold letters on the calendar I never look at; but because the afternoon before when I came home from work, my front street was filled with the sounds of Cicada’s!

I find it amuzing that everyone I talk to says these little “creepy” (their words) bugs are so annoying, yet I find them so relaxing. In fact since they came out I’ve had the best sleep in months… even sleeping thru my alarm twice… being late for work… but so worth it!

Yes, I will agree they are not the prettiest bugs in the world, but some of them have beautiful blue or orange tints to them… and can get almost the size of your hand (average hand) depending on where your live… They are completely harmless to humans and pets and in my opinion one of the most beautiful bugs created by Allah (swt)… right next to the butterfly! We should all be thankful for the beauty and simplicity of these creatures and embrace their beautiful mating calls and the onset of summer!

With the emergence of the Cicada, I reminisce about my childhood and when I was younger chasing lightning bugs (or fireflies depending on where you live and what you call them) with my little brother in the yard…

It has been years since I have seen one, and I pray my children get the opportunity to chase them and catch them in jars as we did as kids. In this beautiful crazy world we all live in, everything has a purpose… every bug, animal, plant… though I still question wasps and spiders… I just wish we had more of the beauty and less of the bad. Given the 80’s and 90’s were a different time for adults and children… but some things will never change…

The simplicity and beauty of the creatures Allah (swt) created are amongst those… and it’s our jobs as adults, parents and children to help maintain this beautiful world for generations to come.

So here’s to a beautiful night filled with the sounds of Cicada’s and if you are lucky enough to see those lightning bugs… hope you all have many happy summer memories!


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