Summer Sale 🌞

Amazon items are officially up and ready for sale within the U.S. market!

To celebrate this milestone for Alby Habibi I have decided to do a summer sale on all items… now thru July 4th get Koala Teether’s for $4.99, Diaper bags for $29.99, Nursing Canopy Car Seat Covers for $12.99 and 3 piece Box sets of Swaddle Blankets for $29.99 or $10.99 for individual blankets!!!

…Also for a chance to win…

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♡ share my listings, tag me in your posts and win a chance @ the end of the summer to win a travel backpack diaper bag (not listed on amazon) w/free shipping!!! Both stateside and international entries welcome!

Special thanks to all that supported me and helped me in this journey! It’s been a long 6 months… and I’ve only just started… more to come soon!


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