Airline Attendants

Having children has given me patience I never knew was possible. I may lose my temper some times but what mother doesn’t. We just left to take a trip to visit my husbands family in Alexandria, Egypt; and everytime we take a trip it tests all levels of patience I have every time. Both with people, my eldest, mannerisms… pretty much everything I can think of.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel, always have. It’s one of the greatest things my mother instilled in me. The second thing was family is God’s greatest gift, and I love my husband’s family. From the first time I spoke with them, before we ever met face to face, they have never been anything but loving, welcoming and helpful in teaching me the different customs and ways of life here in my second home.

But one thing I could never have patience for, no matter how hard I tried would be working for an airline, more specifically being an airline attendant.

There are two sides to this. First I could never deal with the amount or level of stupid people on a daily basis without completely losing it and in the process I would lose my job – OR – going to weekly anger management sessions. I know that is not very nice to call people stupid but if the shoe fits…

An example of my most recent flight… the announcement said “please stay buckled and keep your seat in an upright position while landing” then they repeated to “please stay seated and buckled until the airline comes to a complete stop” and no less than 30 seconds later someone is walking, bags in hand, from the back of the plane to the center where the attendant is sitting (and buckled) to ask a question.

I have to say she was amazing didn’t roll her eyes or yell. Can’t say what was going off in my head, but again like I said, it probably would’ve cost me my job.

The second… I guess this is more of a personal issue… if you don’t like your job, then find one you do like! If you are having a crappy day and now have to cater a 12 hour flight… don’t take it out on the innocent people you are around!

You are going down the isle asking if anyone wants tea or coffee and we make eye contact and I say tea please… you ignore me, I ask your coworker, and they ignore me… I’m sorry but on a scale of 1-10 I’d give my personal customer service review a 3 on this flight!

My best experience and favorite airline for International travel has to be Emirate Airlines! They are the friendliest and most accommodating to little kids! Alitalia had the best food, but British Airways had the best breakfast! But really it’s not about the food, its about the expierence. We are all stuck, 30,000 plus feet in the air, with cramped legs and necks, sore backs and pinched hips. Keep personal irritations to yourself, don’t take it out on those flying with you…. and enjoy your flight 😉.


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