Officially a Kindergartener

It started like another day. I woke up, got myself ready for work, packed lunches for hubby, my daughter and myself. But unlike other mornings I was now going to be the one to wake up my baby girl.

To make sure she was up and not late for school, and doesn’t give her baba a hard time now that he has 2 littles ones to get ready in the morning… we decided this year I would wake her before I left for work. So thats how our day began…

She had been really excited the night before to start school and to see all her friends again. So when I went to go wake her, she popped right out of bed… no fussing or fighting! She went potty in our bathroom, so she didn’t wake her baby brother, we got dressed in her new uniform and I did her hair. “mommy can I have 2 braids?”

Of course I told her. I didn’t think her going to kindergarten would be a big deal for me… its the same school she’s attended for 2 years for preschool… so to me upto this point, it was just another day… but then I gave her a kiss and hug, told her to have a good day, listen to her new teacher, and mommy would be there to pick her up, inshallah – when school got out.

I left the house, got in my car… got halfway down the road and the tears started to fall! I realized she’s growing up so fast, and she’s becoming more independent. More than ever I wished I could’ve been the one to drop her off, to wave goodbye…

All day long I thought about her, if she liked her new teacher, if she was making any new friends… I left work that afternoon and made it to school in record time! I was actually early so I sat and watched her come out of P.E., all smiles and giggling. I wanted to run up to her and give her a big hug but I kept my composure in front of the other moms, but she saw me…“mommy!”, and ran up and gave me a hug.

Maybe I’m more loving to my kid, or my kid is more attached to me… but none of the other moms got that, at least not there, their kids kept their composure… made me feel special, it made me feel like I may have been a basket case from this morning, but I am a good mom… I rushed her along to her class to gather her things, and on the way home she told me about her day…

“mommy I like my teacher, but you can’t call her teacher, she is Auntie B… and I’m going to learn to read, but you still have to read to me, ok!?” My heart melted… of course it’s ok, I love our reading time!

I focus so much on my kids and their happiness, I don’t give very much time these days to Alby Habibi… they say you have to work to make things happen… I’ve made the first stepping stones, but like her first day of kindergarten…. I know I missed out on other things setting up the business. Once thing’s find their new groove, I will pick up where I left off… but for now…

…. so this is my new daily routine … wake up, make lunches, get ready then get my little one ready… and I wouldn’t have it any other way! This is the start of week two… let’s see where her adventurers begin!


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