Learning to read

The struggle is real! I love my mom so much for having the patience teaching me to read, I hope I can find enough to do the same for my kids…

Right now my baby girl is learning to read. We are supposed to do 20 minutes of reading a night as “homework”. Now reading to her for 20 minutes is no problem, BUT she has to also read to me. So I figure 10 her learning and 10 me reading with her looking at the pictures and listening… pretty simple plan… I thought. 😞

I bought these learning to tead books, based on the kids show Daniel Tiger – which she loves… I love the books because they are short and simple. However, it took 10 minutes to get thru 2 sentences, and these were small sentences: “Hi neighbor, guess what? Today is Thank You Day.”

Mommy I’m tired, I want to lay down… and then she would start to make her own sentences… I know she is just learning and I want to be patient but it’s late and after making dinner, doing dishes, and taking care of the baby… I don’t have much patience left.

I need to figure a better routine, and I need to figure out the best way to teach her and have her have fun learning and not be all “angry mean” mommy that doesn’t let her have any fun at home.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to maximize the time and learning of how to read…. I am open to all suggestions!


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