In love with Fall

I grew up in the north, specifically Illinois and Wyoming until my mid-twenties when I got married and moved south. As I think back, to this time of year, I honestly feel like growing up in the north was a pure blessing!

I was able to expierence all four seasons and everything that came with them. As far back as I can remember, Autumn was and still is my favorite.

In September it starts with the coolness in the air, the changing of the wardrobe styles… who doesn’t love to wear tights and a big oversized sweater while drinking tea or coffee enjoying the morning air…

October is when you start to see the changing of the colors in the trees, pumpkins filling the grocery stores… the smells… 😍… pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice latte’s, yum yum. Even the stores have the most amazing smells in their candles and lotions.

November you see those beautiful leaves fall from the trees… the air gets cooler… sometimes you see your first set of snowflakes (towards the end of the month). I remember my mom baking cookies and roasting the pumpkin seeds from the pumpkins we carved as kids… baking pies… pumpkin and apple.

I think about all the memories I have as a kid and feel I am keeping one of the most magical seasons god created from my kids. In the south we have the leaf changes and then they fall off the tree, but its hot, humid, there is still the smells and the pies… but its still not the same when you step outside the store and break a sweat from the heat walking 20 feet to the car…

There are days, especially during autumn that I think moving north would be better for all of us… but then I think of the frigid winter months, and I don’t miss those! The snow and the beauty it brings yes, but not everything else…

Maybe its just the nostalgia of it all that makes me yearn for my kids to have the same experiences and memories… maybe I will get lucky one day and the southern states will turn into the northern states… though that will probably never happen, I would welcome it with open arms!

If it wasn’t for school, I would take my kids out and do a road trip again to visit family… I talk with my aunt and she says its 60°F/15.5°C. I say she’s so lucky because today it was 95°/35° here. I know she’s not rubbing it in my face… but it sometimes can’t help but feel like she is.

One day inshallah, when I am retired or just not working, I will take a month away from this southern heat and visit family and enjoy the beauty of autumn again. I hope my kids will join me and still be young enough to see all that god created in the amazing season of fall!


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