Officially Fall

Living in the south you can expect 2 things… heat and humidity! But Saturday was the first official day of fall and it rained, and rained, and rained. The nights dropped to the high 60’s/ low 70’s, the days never got above 82… yes that’s still hot but compared to the 90’s and 100 degree weather… I’ll take it!

My daughter found a caterpillar and somehow convinced us to keep it… so my husband made him his own little habitat out of an empty tomato container. She hasn’t named it yet but is hoping it turns into a butterfly and not a moth!

Her reading has gotten better… alhamdulillah I have been able to find more patience with her. She still knows how to push me just over that edge, but I try to remain calm… it’s a work in progress. She’s been able to complete 2 of her Daniel Tiger learning to read books and I read to her a short story every night…. (book reviews coming soon).

My son started taking steps on his own and likes to say hi, hi, hi and go, go, go… mashallah. I am so happy I was here to see it! I worked so much before, I missed my daughter’s first independent steps…

It is so fitting all this is happening now at the start of fall. New milestones for a new season… Soon my son will be 1 year old, inshallah. My daughter is the biggest help playing and watching him while I cook… I spoil her with pumpkin tea and pumpkin cake for dessert… give him the snuggles he demands right before bedtime. And together we watch outside our window for the first sight of color change in the tree’s!

I love being a mom! It truly is the greatest blessing anyone could ever have! I can’t wait to see what new discoveries these two little angles bring into my life this fall!


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