Learning to Read… Book Reviews

For anyone who has ever had to teach a child to read, they can vouch it can be a struggle!

I wanted to share these great books I found to both help me find the patience in this struggle… and trust me when I say the struggle is real… as well as make reading easy and fun for my little girl. As I mentioned in a previous post we were reading these books … the reading has gotten better and she has greatly improved! Perhaps it’s from these, or from school, or a combination of both, but I have to share these… from one struggling momma to another…

She is in everyway my daughter! Stubborn, pig-headed (though I never really understood that phrase)… but she is also very clever. I find reading these that after a few days, she is basically memorizing the pages, so we have to switch it up, but still I find they are helping.

So I found these books originally on a shopping site called zulily, but you can find them in just about any store that has books or online. They are based on one of her favorite cartoons on PBS, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. We don’t have a fancy TV with satellite and 3000 channels. We have an old school TV antennae that gets the main free local channels, and I love it because I know my kids won’t become obsessed with the (in my opinion) raunchy, mind-numbing and horrible cartoons we see out there these days. The cartoons on PBS are focused on learning and gaining good solid moral character… but I digress…

We recently wrapped up on the second book “Friends Help Each Other”.

The story lays out how you may like to do things yourself and think you are a big girl or boy, but it’s ok to have help or ask for help! You could get hurt or accidents could happen… and the story, just like the cartoon teaches you its ok to ask for help, it doesn’t make you weak or lazy, it makes you a good friend to ask or to be the one helping.

The pages are very colorful, showing exactly what you are reading. They also make the sentences short and easy to read, but also include punctuation which – she has picked up on and understands a period, comma and exclamation point.

These learning to read books come in several levels, I just purchased the pre-level one books because she is just learning, but when we finish them I will most definitely be picking up more levels.

There is also the website ReadytoRead.com . On that site there is so many to chose from, I can’t wait for her to see the options and pick out a new series.

Although learning to read is a very stuggling and time consuming task, it’s worth every second! Knowing that one day from her learning, and me reading to her she will, inshallah, gain the love of reading as I did, makes it all worth while!


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