Nightly Bedtime Reading… an Islamic Book Review, for kids and mom’s

For our last Eid, one of my co-workers and his wife bought my kids gifts – and I purchased small little gifts for his wife and 6 month old angel as well.

One of the items they got us was a book I have been wanting to get for my kids. I was not born into an Islamic family, so just like my children, I am learning along the way. I have been learning for 10 years… but thanks to my kids, I am actually retaining the knowledge I am learning now, alhamdulillah!

The book I wanted to share this book with other’s who haven’t heard of it because I really think it is the perfect introduction for kids to understand the stories they hear about our Prophet, (s.a.w.).

The book outlines events that took place during the time the Prophet (s.a.w.) was a child and as an adult. The triumphs and tribulations he endured bringing Islam to be accepted, are highlighted in every story but put in short retrospective and descriptions for kids to understand and remember.

The pictures are also very colorful and vibrant, they do not depict any faces but rather the surrounding landscapes and villages of the time. I found on some of the stories when reading them, it opened up discussion as well for my little girl, she wanted to know more about a certain story, or wanted to hear more… which is when daddy would help fill in the answers to the questions I couldn’t answer.

I highly recommend this book to any parent that is looking for a good story book to read to their kids at bedtime! Their are other books the are available online thru the same company that I will be trying to get shortly! Visit to see their list of available books for kids!


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