Will the South have a Winter???

So my little background… I am originally from the Northern part of the USA, now a southern transplant! In addition to my love of all things fall, there is something nostalgic about cold winter air…

Lately we have had below freezing temperatures at night. Everyone a work is showing up in winter jackets, we are bundling the kids up when we go out… but myself… I just throw on a sweater poncho and head out the door.

My kids sadly will never know what it is like to stand in freezing weather, losing the feeling in their fingers and face waiting for the school bus to arrive. They will never have to worry about school not closing because there is 3 feet of snow and the “well we live in the mountains ~ get over it and get to class” ~ mentality.

But will we have some snow this year? The first year we moved here, my parents joked that we brought winter with us! It snowed… A LOT, there was ice… EVERYWHERE, everything shut down ~ because in the south, unlike northern states, no one knows how to function when they see that pearly white stuff on the ground!

Usually we experience cold weather in January and February… but we are in November! Soooooo maybe yes, we will see snow? I saw frost today on the grass. Reminded me of my childhood, bundled up inside, mom making us cups of hot chocolate and sitting next to the fire watching the snow fall outside!

I wish my kids could have these experiences… I wish we could wake up Saturday morning and see a foot of snow… snowman and hot chocolate weather, my mom would say! Inshallah I will keep praying for this year to bring us the beautiful glistening snow of my childhood and some new loving memories for my little ones!


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