A Brief History

This is the post excerpt.


Five year’s ago my husband and I decided to start a family. When the day came that I discovered I was pregnant I was so overcome with happiness but also fear. I was told I would have to have a surgery to ensure I didn’t miscarry. So at 12 weeks I had what is called a TAC (transabdominal cerclage), and went for bi-weekly ultrasounds until delivery. But with every Dr visit and every heartbeat I fell more in love with this little being growing inside which made me even more determined to be as careful and healthy as possible thru out the 9 months.

When she was born I was over come with emotion and love; which also made me fiercely protective of her. I never wanted to put her down, just held her and stared at her for hour’s, slept with her in my arms, took her everywhere with me – I didn’t want to miss a thing ! Being a mom made me flash back to all the things my mother did for me growing up and also made me realize just how much she loved me! I just hope and pray my little girl realizes this one day too…


Fast forward 4 years later…

After trying for over a year to conceive we were blessed with the best news on Valentine’s Day… we were going to have another baby!!! Like every pregnancy, there are ups and downs. I still had the TAC in place so that wasnt an issue… but I was having BP issues for most of the pregnancy… constantly checking my BP 2-3 times a day, I felt like my arm was going fall off… but thank god it never came to that and in the fall we gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy!

Returning to work was harder this time emotionally because he was the best baby… always happy always smiling… not to mention I missed taking 2 naps a day 😊. But during my maternity leave I was also able to spend time with just my kiddo’s… thanks to winter break. For 2 weeks it was just us… playing, napping, cooking… and going back to work meant I wouldn’t have the time to do all those things. Working 8 hrs a day, plus 1 hr in the car driving… thats 9 hrs I lost with my little ones. And the cost…. daycare for the 2 of them is costing over 20k, so basically I am working to have someone else spend this quality time with them 😟.


I decided it is time to take back that time. I don’t want to miss his first word or first step, I don’t want to miss the first time she reads a sentence or does a cartwheel. So what could I do? I need to work, as much as I love my children, I need that adult stimulation of solving problems and working numbers. Then I thought about baby products…

If you have or ever had a baby… you have a diaper bag. And that bag can only hold so much… but if you are going to travel not everything will fit in that bag or one bag for that matter.

So this is where my journey begins…

3-in-1 cover!

I can’t wait for my new items to arrive!!! I just set up a contract with a supplier for these fantastic 3-in-1 covers!

So it can be used while pregnant and after as a nursing cover. It can also be used as a carseat/stroller cover from the wind, and I love this…

It can be used to keep baby from all those icky germs on shopping carts so you dont have to worry about your little one bending down and sucking on the handle bar while you turn to grab that cereal from the top shelf!

I love these covers and have several myself! They are very comfortable and I am so happy I found a supplier to add to my business! 😊

I’ll be carrying 4 colors: solid black, light grey pinstripe, black pinstripe, and navy blue pinstripe. They are 12″×25.5″×27.5″ and 100% cotton, so its recommended to airdry to prevent shrinking and I will be selling them for $13 a piece! 🤗


Looking back on my childhood from what I can remember… birthdays were always a simple and family oriented event. We would all come together for dinner or a late lunch, and cake and ice cream. I would play with my cousins, running around the house making messes and having so much fun! I did not start celebrating with friends from school until I was in kindergarten and even then it was like everyone went to chucky cheese and then the following weekend we would have a big family party. We stopped the family parties when I was maybe in middle school… but looking back I miss them!

Since my little girl was in day care, she has been invited to birthday parties and princess parties where they all dress up and have tea and cookies, and play. There is actually a place here in town you can pay $250 for your toddler/child to come for 4 hours and do this with their friends… seriously! First of all who has that kind of money to waste for 1 day just for fun… secondly, why? There are a million other things you can do as a playdate for your child and their friends…but I digress this is about birthdays…

I have never taken my daughter to these birthdays. For one: it started when she was still in diapers and couldn’t even remember the kids names. For two: I guess I am just selfish in this case but I think it would’ve been pointless… I dont know the parents, my daughter doesn’t know these children… and I am not a very social person to just start a conversation with people I don’t know in their house with their friends…

Recently my little girl, or as she likes to say “I’m a big girl mama”, just turned 5. She starts kindergarten in the fall and I am starting to feel anxiety already about these impeding birthday invites. I can’t deny my child these much longer, and now that she has “solid” friends from pre-school that she plays with and knows all by name, it’s become inevitable she will be getting more invites soon…

We recently took a trip to visit my family, some of whom I have not seen in years, and we visited over a weekend that was just after my little ones birthday. As a surprise for her, they threw a little party and gave her gifts, we had dinner and cake… it felt like the old times when I was a kid growing up with all my cousins and little brother…

She had a blast! Running around with my little cousins and playing with all the toys. It made me think… am I depriving her of these fun times as a child? She doesn’t have any cousins near by to play with. Just baba, mama, her little puppy and her baby brother ~ whom can’t really play yet ~ so her friends from school would be the alternative. However, we live several towns away from all her friends so what to do?

I think one of the biggest things about birthdays now a days, is that everyone is trying to outdo each other. With new ideas everyday coming from everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest it makes it so easy to outdo your neighbor. When one person has a simple dress-up princess party or superhero party, the next person has to rent they giant bounce house, pony rides and iron man himself! Then there are the activities or games for the kids to play and the gift bags for the kids that came ~ its the birthday girls/boys day but you spend more money on the thank you gift bags than you do on your own child it seems. Maybe its different in other countries? Maybe its just the USA thats gotten away from the basics? But again, do I stick with the changing times and give my daughter a party she won’t remember in 5 years, or do I keep it simple and stick to family and keep on trying to instill in her the importance of family and simplicity?

…I’d like to hear what others have done or plan to do? Am I selfish or too strict?

Packing for Delivery

I was reading a couple of posts on different social media sites, about what new expecting momma’s were packing for their hospital bag. Honestly it made me laugh because all the check lists you see or the pictures you come across give you unrealistic ideas ~ in my opinion ~ of what you need. Now not everyone is the same but here’s my story…

When I had my daughter I went to all the classes, I learned all the different things I would need to know for caring for my baby when she was born and when it came time or packing I looked online for pictures, suggestions, checklists… anything I could come across that would help me know what I needed to pack to be prepared for when she was in the hospital with me.

So a few days before she was scheduled to be delivered I started to pack our bag. I packed a couple of clothes for me, toiletries like shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, clothes for daddy, laptop to watch movies and skype family, camera, clothes for her, her baby book, a stuffed animal that was also a rattle, snacks… and I am sure a few other things that I can’t remember (it was 5 years ago!)

So day of delivery daddy grabbed the bags, the boppy, his wallet and off we went to see our baby… we got to the hospital, got prepped for the csection… everything went great… then reality kicked in! I didn’t realize how tired I was until after I had this beautiful little baby in my arms and I was finally able to sleep on my back!

I was happy and we had lots of visitors but once everyone left and the nurses did their rounds all I wanted to do was sleep! There was a TV in the room, and I remember watching some TV here and there. With a csection delivery you get pain meds which make you drowsy sometimes. Then with the constant revolving door of nurses coming and checking on me and baby… plus the struggles with feeding baby every 2 hrs…when things were finally quiet… all I wanted to do was sleep and sleep I did… a lot!

The hospital we delivered at provided pads and underwear for the aftermath of bleeding… swaddle blankets and little hats to wrap baby up, diapers, 3 meals a day plus snacks if we wanted any. Showering and getting up was not the easiest or most enjoyable process either. It hurt so much to move and you really take for granted being able to bend over and wash yourself!

So ultimately I packed these bags with all these items… and used maybe 25% of what I packed. Baby only needed one outfit for when we went home. Daddy used all of his things but I only needed 1 outfit, shampoo/conditioner and deoderant.

I was too tired and sore to do anything with her baby book. I got them to get her foot and hand prints and I just taped them in a few weeks later at home. Almost all the little things were provided by the hospital… food, towels for showering, pads, baby stuff ~ they even gave us a small tub, nose bulb for boogers, and baby soap to wash baby there and when we got home! We also got a complementary bag with about 25 pads for home, formula for baby, diapers, and a super cute gift bag that I use to tote my pump back and forth from work, and 32oz water bottles for drinking so I could keep track of my water intake.

So What Do I Recommend???

1) if you know where you will be delivering call ahead. Ask if there are any items or services that they provide for you or baby to help you be prepared and pack accordingly

2) dont worry about make-up or smelling good. You just had a baby, no one cares if you look like a model, all they care about is that you and baby are doing well and healthy

3) if you think you might need it… chances are you dont need it! Unless you are naturally someone who just doesn’t sleep or you are packed with energy you are not gonna have time to read a book or play cards or watch movies on the net…

4) for baby ~ assuming the hospital does not supply these items… all you need to bring is a change of clothes to bring baby home ~ preferably one that has the feet and hand covers built in, a hat for their head, nail clippers, boppy for nursing and a swaddle blanket.

5) for mom ~ a change of clothes for while you are there, nursing bra, a loose change of clothes to go home (not everyone does, but a lot of moms swell A LOT by the time of discharge), shampoo/conditioner, deodorant and of course your phone to take tons of pics of your new bundle of joy

Not everyone is the same, and not every hospital provides the same care… its always good to be prepared… but its also good to not be over prepared and having more things to pack back up and juggle with your newborn in tow.

Like I said, this is just my story and my opinion, and I love to be prepared and organized…

Much respect!

I have to admit I have so much respect for mom’s out there that juggle work ~ whether it is self employment or working for someone else, keeping their houses clean, dinner ready every night by 6, have healthy marriages and friendships, stay diligent in their prayers and true to their religion, helping with homework, taking the kids to practice, playdates, make sure their kids get a bath and are in bed on time… and still have time for themselves… making it all look so easy.

I feel like sometimes I fail or fall short at a lot of those aspects. Looking back at my childhood and all the things my mom did for us, she made it look so easy. Being adult now I still feel she is my wonder woman! Mom’s sacrifice a lot to ensure their kids have what they need to grow to be strong, educated, independent and respectful adults. My mom turned down promotions with more pay so she would be available for us, be able to take us to practice, watch our games, help us with homework…

I have stepped down from positions, not because I couldn’t handle the work or didn’t want the challenge but because I wanted to focus on my family and be here for my little girl. As much as I lose my temper sometimes, because she is in that stage where everything I say goes in one ear and out the other, or because it takes her 2 hours to eat her dinner… I want to be here to help her, teach her, and show her the love and respect and mother showed me and instilled in me growing up.

I want to be more hands on, and more patient. I suppose that is one thing that as she grows she will teach me. Some say patience is a virtue, I say it is a gift you learn, not everyone has it and not everyone can teach it. I struggle with patience everyday in my job, while driving, with my children. I feel over the last few years I have learned to be more patient with at least my children, and when she does something right or good or helpful and I say thank you, or praise her for being so smart and helpful her face lights up and its all worth it.

I used to be a workaholic, would pick up extra shifts any day, any time… wanted more money to get out of debt, take vacation, go shopping… but money isn’t everything. I read something the other day on Pinterest…and then realized it was from the movie The Godfather II

The only wealth in this world is children. More than all the money and power on earth.

Apart from this movie being one of my all-time favorites. The character Michael Corleone, the head of the family and godfather, is a lot like the person I was becoming. He worked and worked, he was tired all the time – or at least he looked it. Thought the things he did for his family were the right things and the only way to do things… in the end, he lost his wife, respect of his son, and ultimately his daughter. He died alone not surrounded by family, not wealthy like he struggled his whole life to maintain but old, alone, unloved and unwanted. Who wants that?

I don’t want to ever think about losing my family. Like his phrase said… the only wealth in this world is children, and my children are more precious to me than all the gems, money and possessions in this world.

And my wonderful husband, sure we have had our ups and downs, what marriage doesn’t, but looking back all those ups and downs are what made us who we are today. The parents we have become and the spouses we are to eachother. His happiness and approval mean so much to me. I was raised Roman Catholic, he was raised in a strong Islamic family his whole life. So our upbringing and experiences are very different! Everyday I am learning and striving to be a good wife and mother as I see I need to be in the teachings of Allah (swt) but also for myself, to feel complete and happy because without a strong and healthy and happy family… what else is left? As I lay here at nap time with my baby in the bassinet beside me, my little girl sleeping next to me and knowing my husband will be home in a few hours with a smile on his face greeting us as he walks in the door, kissing our heads… this is the life I want… peaceful and happy!

What I grew up around and what I see as the normal way of things, he doesn’t and I do my best day in and day out to retrain my mind and actions so I raise our children the right way. Am I perfect … no, but who is? I have had a slip of the tongue with my words like saying geez or gosh, which in my upbringing isn’t anything. You hear those words in cartoons, on the street, my own parents say it all the time but to him its wrong and I am constantly having to remind myself especially when I am so tired… think before you speak, are the words I want to say something that is wrong for my children to hear or will it make him upset?

Another issue that is a constant battle within myself and relationships is my tone. I grew up in a house where arguing was normal, raised voices were normal and I was taught to argue with the ones you loved meant you cared and arguing was healthy… crazy right? Most of this stems from my father… my mother is not an arguer but she knows what battles can be won and what battles are a waste… probably from the nearly 4 decades she has spent with my father. When he got upset he would just yell to get his point across… probably because hes partially deaf and wanted to be able to hear himself and make sure we heard him too (at least thats what my brother and I came to believe as we got older).

Also punishments… how do you punish your kids? Spanking, time out, silent treatment… I was raised that if you act up you get a spanking, or get things taken away, or if you back talked or said a bad word you got soap in your mouth… my husband believes in the silent treatment which…. in my opinion is the worst thing you could do to a child, it doesn’t solve anything and they don’t learn from their mistakes.

Not consistent… I will admit I am not consistent in my prayers. Everytime I turn my back on my daughter she is coloring her wall in marker, or getting into food in the kichen, spoiling her dinner. She says she wants to pray with me then lays on the floor or runs into the kitchen to drink water and turns on the tv… so I wash up to pray and baby cries, or she does something that requires my immediate attention. So I chose attending to my children over prayers… then I need to start dinner before it gets too late… then baby is hungry again, or its bathtime or I need to do dishes, or fold laundry…. the list goes on and on, by the time its bed time, I have prayed maybe twice if I am lucky and I am so tired I fall asleep the second my head hits the pillow. Allah forgive me for my transgressions and help me strive to be a better mother, wife, and muslima…

I need to be less negative, I need to be more positive, I need to be more steadfast in my prayers and instill the importance of prayer into my children. My mother made it look so easy, I am sure she had her moments of doubt and exhaustion but she never showed it… To all you supermoms out there, I respect you and praise you for all you do! If you are never told thank you or given the appreciation you deserve… just remember all that you do will be rewarded in your childrens futures and their childrens futures. You may not get the thank you today or tomorrow, but one day you will and all that hard work will be worth every smile, every tear and every generation to follow you!

Working out the kinks…

So to get this business up and running I created a to-do list. Very much like my household to do list… juggling a full time job, a 4 year old and a baby, a house to maintain, and now this business I feel my mind is going to pop sometimes… and I can’t afford therapy!

So here we go…

  1. Create a name, slogan, purpose…✔
  2. Look into manufacturers and find products relevant to the business…✔
  3. Order products or make if financially & creatively capable ✔ – work in progress…
  4. Research web designers or create own ✔ – work in progress…
  5. Set up payment and shipping accts/options… including a P.O. Box
  6. Business cards, social media ✔, merchandise tags and labels ✔
  7. Purchase shipping bags or boxes… or use USPS priority boxes 🤔
  8. Get tax-id and create a separate holding acct for tax time…
  9. Invoice creator, inventory tracker

I feel like I am forgetting something???

Backpack Diaper Bag

Well my first bag just arrived from the manufacturer, and I must say I am very happy with the final product!

I’ve seen bags like this all over the place and I know they are very popular so I thought I would give them a try. I ordered them with the manufacturers label instead of mine, to enable them to be shipped faster and cheaper. However, I don’t like the label, it’s grammatically incorrect, like just words thrown together and they make no sense, so I removed it. For a quarter of the cost for a personal logo label to be applied by the manufacturer, I ordered from a local shop iron-on labels which should be available within a week. So I’m very excited about that!

So the bag is just as the product order pictures show. These are the pictures provided from the manufacturer:

After looking over the bag I see no flaws in the examples above or the final product.

It’s light weight and more convenient than an ordinary backpack, larger capacity, and more suitable for taking baby out. Opening is Dr Bag style with reinforced steel frame.

Exterior includes front pouch with 3 insulated bottle pockets, back quick access zipper – also allowing this bag to function as a pump bag, and 2 side pockets for quick access to tissues, pacifiers or even bottled water for mommy.

Interior includes quick clip for your keys, 4 elastic pockets, and 1 zipper pocket.

100% polyester material
Dimensions are 27×21×42 cm (10.5×5×16.5 in)
Weight before adding any baby items is roughly .63kg (1.4 lbs)

Changing pad and stroller straps included! The colors I chose were a navy blue and a light green, almost like a sea foam green.

The suggested retail on these is $49.99, and I have seen them for sale ranging from $34.99-$85.99. I’ve decided $35.00 even is a good price, and also compatable with other retailers around.




A friend bought one of the bags and provideded me with pictures of what she was able to pack it with. She said her favorite features were the way the top stays open with the reinforced steele frame and the fact you can access items at the bottom thru the back zip pocket without having to pull everything out the top…

Quilted Waterproof Travel Backpack Diaper Bag

So I ordered this sample bag because I wasn’t 100% convinced it would be a good bag or great seller. And I must say after receiving it and using it for a few days… this is the best bag ever!

The bag comes in 10 colors but I chose the solid navy blue for my sample. At first when I took it out of the bag, I didn’t think it was big enough but when I woke up I took another look and it really is the perfect size!

From the front there are two large side pockets for a bottle of water for mommy or small stuffed animal or toy and for easy access for tissue or boogie wipes… which by they way are the best invention since the bouncer in my opinion! In the front pockets there is a large pocket where you can place the pacifier, teether, or little baby hat for quick access. Then the large zipper in front opens up to reveal 2 insulated bottle holders and an elastic holder section for baby utensils.

The bottle on the left is the wide Chico brand, the bottle on the right is an Avent brand. There are 3 elastic holders for utensils.

The cup pictured is 7.5 inches tall.

In the back there are 2 mesh pockets sewn on the straps for little access like a sunscreen stick for baby or chapstick or a small lotion or hand sanitizer for mom. There is also a band across the back to allow the handle for your carry-on luggage to attach, making it easier to carry everything and relieve your back while walking thru that airport with baby! Behind that strap is a very discrete pocket for carrying more important things like wallet, keys, and phone. This back section is what made me want to check out the bag in the first place…

Now from the inside there are 6 pockets great for holding diapers and wipes, and a deep zip pocket for your tablet, a book to read to little one or for yourself, a bib or burp cloth, and the changing pad. The bottom is wide enough that you can store at 5-12 outfits. My little one is 4 months and I was able to fit 12 of his outfits. You might think, why 12 outfits? Well you never know when or if your little one will get sick, have an accident or God forbid you get stuck in the airport due to layovers or delays! Always be prepared… something I learned the hard way! You could also hold a small blanket, formula, breast pump and accessories… whatever your need, there is space. Now of course it can’t hold all of these things but depending on your travel needs… here are some examples I played with when it comes to packing…

5 cloth diapers (you could fit upto 10 if you stacked them ontop of eachother), 3 burp cloths, changing pad, and a wet bag for diapers. There is still space in side pockets for a bib, diaper cream and a few things on top like change of clothes and a small toy.

15 disposable diapers, 1.45 lb box of formula, bottle warmer, book for mommy, changing pad, and a pacifier/toy. And there’s still room for small things like the diaper cream, burp clothes and a few clothes if needed, little blanket… or more diapers.

15 diapers, 10 outfits, bottle warmer, changing pad, book for baby, burp cloth, pacifier/toy, and diaper cream.

Just an alternative way of using the bags… here is a Spectra S2 breast pump with accessories and a milk bottle cooler.

This bag is exactly what I was looking for, and I hope other moms can see the benefits of a bag like this. It is 100% polyester and the dimensions are 11.6″×6.3″×13.8″. They recommend the retail on this bag to be $80-$100, but I feel a more affordable and realistic price should be $55. Just because you can afford more, why would you pay for it at a high price, when you can get it for less – leaving you with extra money to spend on your baby 😊.

The bag comes with a changing pad and stroller straps. It’s quilted and waterproof for any rainy days or accidents due to leaky bottles. I will probably order them in solid navy blue (like the one above), solid black, light grey, red, tan, purple, and navy blue w/tan trim.