Nightly Bedtime Reading… an Islamic Book Review, for kids and mom’s

For our last Eid, one of my co-workers and his wife bought my kids gifts - and I purchased small little gifts for his wife and 6 month old angel as well. One of the items they got us was a book I have been wanting to get for my kids. I was not born [...]

Baby shower and Announcements… and more lip balm

Just added lotions for baby showers and pregnancy announcements they are super cute, and smell amazing!!! I have so much fun making these... I pray those that buy them love the way they make their skin feel and fill their life with as much happiness! Aside from the happiness of having a baby of course [...]

Fall lotion items

First lotion items are finally up and available for sale! The Fall Gift Tin... fits 12 small lotions and also comes with a smaller tin to keep in your pocket or purse for on the go... 2 pieces... lotion bars, also come with a tin for storage or on the go... Lip balms... you just [...]

Made to Order

I will be working on getting all the items uploaded to my Etsy shop in the next week!!! Please visit soon to see what each option looks like! Wanted to share what I have to offer so far... Personal & On the Go Items: Perfect for you to throw in your purse or diaperbag [...]