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Vanilla Lavender Sugar Scrub

Comes in a 4oz BPA free jar. I absolutely love this sugar scrub! I use it whenever I have been doing gardening or cleaning and my hands feel dry or sore! Turns my skin from feeling tired to feeling luxurious and baby soft in seconds! Also great for other dry skin areas such as your [...]

Coffee Sugar Scrub

Comes in a 4oz BPA free jar. I love the smell and the benefits of this sugar scrub! I am a mom... I work a regular full time job, Monday thru Friday. I then come home... make products for Alby Habibi... cook, clean, do bathtime for two kiddos, work on homework with the oldest.. sometimes [...]

Healthy Skin Care

I have never understood why women spend all their money on chemically induced cleaning products for their skin... then they apply a moisturizer... and then they apply layers of makeup over that moisturizer. I literally watched a video the other day of another persons regime... she explained the products and what they were for, and [...]

Rose Clay Facial Mask

This amazing facial clay is available in 4oz BPA free jar. I've been using it for several months, about twice a week. I let the clay dry completely and then wash it off with warm water only. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. I have always had oily skin, particularly in my nose [...]

Untold side effects of pregnancy

First I want to share this little back story... When you are pregnant everyone has opinions, suggestions, comments... They tell you... Oh if you have heartburn your baby will have lots of hair!!!... you shouldn't eat this... or that... If you need to throw up... sit on the potty first and throw up in a [...]

Turmeric Acne Soap

One thing I take pride in is making products that really work and really help people! I research all the ingredients that I use to make sure they will truly help people and this is my latest soap I wanted to share with you! It is great for all skin types... sensitive, oily, dry... Made [...]

Lucky Charms Wax Melts & Tarts

Last week it rained for 3 days straight, and it reminded me of my visit to Ireland years ago. People generally associate Irelnd and England with rainy weather... when I was there it rained one day, but afterwards I was able to enjoy the beautiful lush green surroundings and explore several gardens on castle estates. [...]