Need some suggestions…

We have been working on some products for daddy... as a surprise... and for other dad's and husband's out there as well, because who said dad's can't or shouldn't smell good and take care of their skin? Our body butters smell and feel amazing, but besides the super supportive and carefree goofball dad's like Dwanye [...]

Body Butter

I'm making body butter.... it's easy but so time consuming! Unlike soap where you mix, pour and let set, you have to constantly mix to create a whipped texture... I have a large automatic kitchen aide mixer, but I still have to watch it, stop, scrape the sides, and repeat several times until it's that [...]

Nightly Bedtime Reading… an Islamic Book Review, for kids and mom’s

For our last Eid, one of my co-workers and his wife bought my kids gifts - and I purchased small little gifts for his wife and 6 month old angel as well. One of the items they got us was a book I have been wanting to get for my kids. I was not born [...]